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Shopin is the world's first decentralized shopper profile built on the blockchain.
Retail Intelligence Data Engine
How Shopin Works
A New Way to Advertise
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Contact Us to learn more
Own Your Data

A secure profile that enables shoppers to own their complete purchase data, giving the power back to the customer and rewarding them financially.

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How Shopin Works
A New Way to Advertise
Increase Conversions

Using next-gen A.I. and blockchain technology, Shopin enables retailers to better understand and serve their customers.

The Shopin Vision

Shopin unites retailers and their customers through personalized data intelligence for an unprecedented shopping experience. We are creating a more sustainable retail economy where retailers become stronger by working together and shoppers get rewarded based on the value of their data that they fully own, control, and can share.

Revitalize the retail industry with a new economy of data to increase transactional conversions.

Enable a greater understanding of customers based on a full view of their purchase history, style, preference, and pricing.

Exchange fair value to shoppers for access to their data via cryptocurrency.

Give back to the Ethereum community for continued and sustainable growth.

Shopin's Winning Pitches

North America Bitcoin Conference
January 19, 2018
d10e Seoul
March 6, 2018
BII Dubai
March 19, 2018

The Shopin Solution

Shopin is reinvigorating the retail economy by streamlining the entire shopping experience. By deploying blockchain technology to store value, purchase, and profile data, we are scaling to facilitate a million transactions per second that empower retailers on the open web to provide a decentralized Amazon-like experience with recommendations powered by A.I. Shopin's Retail Intelligence Data Engine has already decentralized the purchase data of major retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Macy's, Coach, Michael Kors, ASOS and many more, allowing the advantages of a decentralized view of purchase data to be available for everyone. This will power the backbone of Retail 3.0. Today R.I.D.E. covers 4BN purchase data transactions, 200MM SKU relationships/ co-occurrences, 90k brands tracked. Best of all, it's live and in pilots today.

Blockchain Architecture Built for Mass Consumer Applications

  • Incredible speed and decentralization on the ShopChain blockchain
  • Token interoperability through Atomic swaps
  • Powerful recommendation engine powered by A.I.
  • The exchange of value between shoppers and retailers

Shopin’s Technology

By using the blockchain to store value and data in a decentralized fashion, the shopper is in control of their data. When shopper permission is granted, the retailer benefits from an A.I.-powered recommendation engine based on actual first-party purchase data and user-verified preferences.

Token Generation

Shopin completed its Private Presale on March 30. The company concluded its Token Generation Event on April 29 putting Shopin at the forefront of one of the most successful TGEs in cryptocurrency history. Contact us to learn more.

Private Presale


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< $500 000

Token Generation Event


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$10MM+ collected


$20MM+ collected


$30MM+ collected

Company Roadmap

  • 2017
  • February 2017
    Team Forms With Eran & Divakar
    Solving a Retail Problem: Creating a Universal Shopper Profile to Improve Conversions
  • May 2017
    Ingestion Engine: Retailer Integration
    Shopper Onboarding: UI/UX Alpha V0.1
  • June 2017
    Ingestion Engine: Launches V1.0
    Standardization of Product Catalog Data V1.0
  • August 2017
    White Paper Published: Addition of Blockchain & Crypto Incentives
    Ingestion Engine: Product Search Tool Built
    Shopper Onboarding: App for Women Developed
  • September 2017
    Shopin Formed & Incorporated
    Team Formed: Eran, Divakar, Jeremy, Vlad, Alexey, Abhi
    Token Generation Presale Commences
    Token Sale Website Launch V1.0
  • October 2017
    Shopper Onboarding: UI/UX Alpha V0.2
  • November 2017
    Team: 8 FTE Hired: 50% Located in Brooklyn NY, HQ
    Branding: New Logo Unveiled
    Events: Ethereum DEVCon 3, Cancun
    Fundraising Roadshows: Singapore, Dubai, Switzerland, UK
    Awards: d10e ICO pitch, voted #5 Top ICO
  • December 2017
    Recommendation Engine: Training A.I. Models
    Shopper Onboarding: Wire Frame For Alpha V0.2
    Testing: Reached 1MM+ Transaction Per Second Test With 96 Nodes w/iExec
    Fundraising Roadshow: Switzerland
  • 2018
  • January 2018
    Product Development: Shopin Profile
    Token Sale Website Launch V2.0
    Shopin Website Relaunch
    Events: NRF Big Show, NYC, NABTC Miami
    Fundraising Roadshow: Hong Kong, South Korea
  • February 2018
    Product Development: Men’s & Women’s Onboarding Alpha V0.2
    Recommendation Engine: Testing A.I. Models
    Fundraising Roadshow: Japan, China, Singapore
  • March 2018
    Public Token Generation Event Commences
    Implementation: BigChainDB
    Integration: CommerceCloud
    Shopper Profile: Visual Onboarding
  • April 2018
    Token Generation Event Commences
    Product Development: Onboarding App Alpha V.02 ompleted
    Mobile Native Apps: UI/UX Commences
  • May 2018
    Product Development: Android & iOS App
    Recommendation Engine: Retailer Testing
    Shopin Profile Ethereum Integration
    Shopin Profile 1.2: Friends & Family Sending & Receiving Tokens Integration
  • June 2018
    Women’s Apparel Recommendations V1 Release
    User Onboarding Application V1 Release
    Interledger Protocol for Ethereum to BigChainDB Atomic Swaps Complete
  • July 2018
    Women’s Shoes & Accessories Recommendations Begins
    Men’s Apparel Recommendations Begins
    Universal Shopper Profile Begins
    Begin Development Plan for Shopin Wallet and Profile Management App
    Begin Investigation Cycle for Routed State Channels
    Integration of Atomic Swaps into Shopin’s Blockchain
  • August 2018
    Women’s Shoes & Accessories Product Recommendations Complete
    Begin Men’s Shoes & Accessories Recommendations
    Women's Complete The Look Begins
    Integration of Shopin App with Universal Shopper Profile
    Develop Shared Liquidity for Routed State Channels
  • September 2018
    Men’s Apparel Recommendations Complete
    Universal Shopper Profile V1 Release
    Complete Staked Liquidity pool for Routed State Channel
    Integration of Push Notification and Social Networking Sharing with Shopin App
  • October 2018
    Men’s Shoes & Accessories Recommendations Complete
    Men's Complete The Look Begins
    Integration of Payment Systems
    Integration of Advertising and Rewards Associated with incentives offered by the retailers
  • November 2018
    Women's Complete The Look Complete
    Integration of Real Time Exchange of Shopin Tokens for Goods.
  • December 2018
    Men's Complete The Look Complete

We are already trusted all over the world.
Be part of the Shopin token economy.

Shopin Token Generation Event FAQ

Please click here for Token Swap FAQs.


What is Shopin?

Shopin works with retailers to aggregate the might of their shoppers and purchase data. Retailers which join the Shopin Federation enjoy unique advantages of the Shopin technology platform–visual artificial intelligence, ML, protections of blockchain, and deep learning to co-create unique, next-generation cornerstones powering a renaissance for the retail industry. Shopin’s technology platform provides a universal shopper profile safeguarded with our GDPR-compliant blockchain. The universal shopper profile is a “just for you” recommendation engine for retailers and shoppers, reflecting merchandise style and fit preferences based on what shoppers have purchased across all their historic retail experiences. We combine this with engaging onboarding games which add their preferences to create the most personal experience in every app, site and store. For retailers, Shopin’s technology platform provides more personalized shopping experiences for shoppers across digital properties and in-store, to increase conversions and sales. Our token activates the next generation in hyper-targeted advertising and loyalty that brings the enormous adspend previously spent on on third party publishers back into the retail ecosystem. For shoppers, Shopin’s universal shopper profile puts people in control of their purchase data and preferences, and better highlights appealing merchandise recommendations for a tailored, personalized, motivating shopping experience which reflects *you.*



What is the Retail Intelligence Data Engine? (R.I.D.E.)

Our first product, the Retail Intelligence Data Engine (R.I.D.E.) decentralizes the purchase data of major retailers, to give a first-ever global view of retailers, brands, products and the customer behind the action. This aggregated view of the world of retail enables retailers to make better qualitative-drivend decision and recommendations across their business units, whilst laying down the foundations for our Shopper I.D. and ShopChain infrastructure to deliver high conversion-to-sales increases for our universal shopper I.D.


Why is Data Sovereignty (Owning your Data) the future of retail?

Our  universal shopper profile, leveraging the protections of  blockchain, enables retailers to feel secure leveraging data for expanded insights on merchandise and purchasing history of their shoppers. Our visual artificial intelligence and technology tools ensure the most personal experiences which aim to drive conversions to more sales and bring greater efficiencies resulting in lower losses. Shopin decentralizes  data, putting control the hands of consumers, whilst encrypting the data and moving it to an aDHT, dramatically decreasing the chance of a security breach. We enable retailers to directly engage their own shoppers, creating a virtual “word of mouth” marketing system. Shopin aims to make ineffective ad spend a thing of the past, benefiting both retailers and shoppers.  Our universal shopper profiles create better advertising targeting, because we provide a more accurate understanding of the shopper based on an oracle that has never existed before: a complete view of the shopper across all their past online and in-store purchase history from every retailer in the Federation. Shopin’s Federation and our token economy, will create a vibrant data and financial ecosystem for retailers and shoppers, where previously lost marketing dollars enrich both sides of the marketplace.


Why are we building Shopin?

Retail is not having a hiccup. It’s not a “bad day”. We’re facing a retail apocalypse. Lord and Taylor and Barney’s are bankrupt. Victoria’s Secret has lost 40% of it’s revenue in the last year. Less than 3 out of 100 shoppers convert into a sale online and less than 10% instore.



A new blueprint for retail

Yet… incredible companies like Amazon attribute 35% of their revenue from their product recommendation bar… driven by purchase data. Jeff Bezos claims that 90% of their revenue comes from personalization based on purchase data. They have created 63 LLCs competing with fashion houses, thanks to the oracle of purchase data and powerful technological tools. They have given us the blueprint for building success in Retail 3.0.


The Mission

Shopin is dedicated to providing the essential tools to ensure that timeless brands remain timeless and that emerging brands have the best opportunity to become timeless. We believe that access to a global view of retail’s purchase data (including Amazon, eBay and other mega-retailers), our artificial intelligence tools, the Retail Intelligence Data Engine and consumers owning their data rare the key to unlock the next retail renaissance.


What's Shopin's main site?


KYC - Know Your Customer

All participants are required to pass KYC-AML verification.


Common reasons for not passing KYC-AML (Token Sale Details)

For people who did not pass KYC-AML, it’s not possible for us to respond to each of you individually and work through the issues. Common reasons included but were not limited to:
Expired I.D.
Dubious information
Named on a watchlist
Missing information
False information
Low-res pictures
Mismatched address information


How are KYC-AML documents securely stored? (Token Sale Details)

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Your trust means the world to us, and we do everything we can to maintain it. Our motto is to trust but verify. Never hesitate to reach out to us directly at if you have questions or concerns.


ShopChain: A Unique Blockchain, A.I. and Asynchronous Distributed Hashtable architecture

Shopin works with retailers to put control of purchase data back into the hands of consumers – the rightful owners. Our approach and architecture is GDPR-compliant and more secure than ever, whilst as fast as the Internet thanks to DHT and Blockchain innovations. When shoppers own and carry their data with them to your websites and stores, our A.I and R.I.D.E. kick in to provide game-changing personalization that results in higher conversions to sales.


The $SHOP token: Ads, loyalty and engagement reimagined

Shopin’s Branded tokens can carry discounts or exclusivity of access reward. For example, tokens can be redeemed for discounts on products or used to access a rare product or event.. For example, a shopper may have received 50 of brand X’s tokens which they can use to get discounts, whereas another shopper has a rare token to access an exclusive luxury product from Brand Y.

Our exchange (2021) will allow shoppers to trade tokens with each other to achieve their goals of access or savings.


How will the funds be utilized? (Token Sale Details)

The funds will be used to sustain the longevity and integration of our solution through both the web and physical stores. We’ll focus on the following:
● Developing an Artificial Intelligence-powered Recommender System capable of understanding style from visual and textual cues;
● The continued evolution of user profiles and applications;
● Expansion of our retailer and user network;
● Blockchain initiatives that drive further data visibility, control, and value to users;
● Marketing and public awareness, as well as partnership and sales initiatives.

Additionally, the use of proceeds will be used as follows:
● 50% to Software Engineering and Data Science
● 30% Marketing Expenses, Sponsorships, PR
● 15% Business & Corporate Development, Operations
● 5% Legal, Accounting


Who is able to participate in the Token Generation Event? What were the requirements? (Token Sale Details)

Residents of the USA, China, North Korea, Syria, and New Zealand were not eligible to participate. In order to participate, KYC-AML verification was required. Please note that participants were only able to acquire Shopin Tokens with Bitcoin and Ethereum.


How will the Tokens be distributed? Will they be vested? (Token Sale Details)

Shopin Tokens will be distributed as follows: First 500MM will be sold at the Token Generation Event. 500MM are kept in reserve for retailer, user, and partnership incentive token allocation. 500MM will go to the team, investors, and advisors with a three-year lock-up, in addition to 10% reserved for new hires. Every year one-third will be released based on product milestones achieved.


What was the minimum purchase amount for the Token Generation Event? (Token Sale Details)

There was no minimum requirement for the Public Presale, and there was no minimum for the Token Generation Event.


What was the advantage of participating in the Public Presale rather than just waiting until launch? (Token Sale Details)

Shopin issues substantial bonuses during our Public Token Presale, allowing participants to secure the assets before they hit the market.


Can I see an example of working technology?


  • Visual Artificial Intelligence in action:
  • An Example of the Retail Intelligence Data Engine analysis of Coach as well as a recommendation engine based on over 80% of USA’s retail purchase data: 
  • Branded tokens for Retail (live demo):



Is there an audit of your technology available:

You can see an audit of Shopin’s technology stack here:


Which type of token is this based on? (Token Sale Details)

The Shopin Token is an ERC20 Token.


Can I use a credit card to buy the tokens? (Token Sale Details)

No, you can only acquire Shopin Tokens with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).


How can I view purchased Shopin Tokens? (Token Sale Details)

You may store and view your Shopin Tokens in an ERC-compatible wallet (available now), an ERC20-compatible exchange (available later), or the Shopin Wallet (available later).


Should small retailers buy Shopin Tokens? (Token Sale Details)

Retailers of any size can join the Shopin Network and take part in Shopin Tokens. For example, a merchant can use our recommendation engine powered by next-gen A.I. We are proponents of true inclusivity. Our vision is for all retailers, small and large, to be part of this movement. Thus, the first 50k API calls per month are free. After that, merchants pay 250 USD per month and it scales upward from there based on the number of API calls.


What documents are needed for KYC-AML verification? (Token Sale Details)

All participants were required to provide a government-issued I.D. (passport, driver’s license, or national I.D.). They were also asked to provide their name, address, and proof of address.


Are there any countries that were excluded? (Token Sale Details)

Yes, the following list of countries are unfortunately not eligible to participate: USA, China, North Korea, Syria, and New Zealand. We are constantly working with legal counsel for ways to be as inclusive as possible in the distribution of our Tokens while respecting the law.


What happened if I tried to register in an ineligible country? (Token Sale Details)

You could not pass the KYC-AML verification process.


How much does a Shopin Token cost? (Token Sale Details)

The par-value, is $0.13.


Is there a minimum purchase requirement for the Private Presale? (Token Sale Details)

There was a minimum of 20 ETH for the Private Token Presale. There is no minimum for the Public Presale or the Token Generation Event.


For the Private Presale, when participants sent over Ethereum, on which day is it the equivalent to 20k? (Token Sale Details)

They were evaluated the moment they sent the tokens. We track the dollar value at the point of receipt.


When will we receive the tokens? (Token Sale Details)

Shopin Tokens will be distributed at various dates, however will be locked until listing.


How does the KYC-AML process work? (Token Sale Details)

Participants submitted their name, email, and the amount they wanted to purchase on An automated email instructed them on next steps, which included a verification requirement of a passport picture, a utility bill, and a physical address. When documents were confirmed, Shopin issued a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) to the participant via DocuSign.


When will I receive a confirmation that my transaction is complete? (Token Sale Details)

For the Token Generation Event, you received confirmation of registration as quickly as we were able to process your request. Your confirmation came in the form of a SAFT via DocuSign, at which point all you needed to do was countersign to finalize your participation.


Will Shopin compensate for the rise/drop in invested crypto? (Token Sale Details)

No, we cannot compensate for market fluctuations